Avalanche UK

Avalanche UK is a team of parents and adult gamers who've found mutual friendship through Destiny initially on Xbox, our goal is to play the games we love with people who share our ethics. Everyone is welcome - as an inclusive clan, we are happy for everyone to be themselves, however we will not tolerate any abuse or discrimination of any other member. While fun is our main goal we also try to help new members rank up and progress as much as we can. So if you're an adult with or without commitments we could be the clan for you.

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A common goal

Finally getting the last piece of raid armour you've been missing, that feels good. Finding a group that'll run the raid with you three times a week until you finally get it, that's golden.

Team spirit

But finding a group that can wait on crying children, discusses how to earn enough brownie points to make it online for release nights, and knows that the real Moment of Triumph comes from knowing that every clan member who wanted them got them, now that's Avalanche UK.

Come join us

We're hardcore casuals, we're laidback diehards, and we've got the room for like minded souls. Join us on Discord, join the madness, join the clan you've been looking for.


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